About US

Look, 2020’s been a hard year. Why not spend some of your Saturday nights with us while we try to remember what a comedy club is?

In lieu of tickets, we ask viewers and fans of the show to donate to Black Lives Matter. If you donate during a show, let us know in the YouTube or Twitch comments so we can say thanks!

The Hosts

Andrew Nadeau

Andrew Nadeau is an up-and-coming comedian living in Chicago. Known for his one-liners and dry sense of humor, Andrew is a writer for The Dad and Netflix Family. He was named the Funniest Person on Twitter 2018 by the Chicago Tribune, and his work has been featured by publications including Huffington Post, Funny or Die and College Humor. He is also a producer and one of the founding members of Spitfire Comedy.

Nash Flynn

Nash Flynn is a Boston-based comedian and writer. She is currently a producer and co-host of the online comedy show Cabin Fever Comedy. Her work has been featured by Buzzfeed, Buzzfeed UK, Huffington Post, the Chive, ScaryMommy and other places on the internet. Her Netflix special “TBD” comes out in 2087, probably. You can find her online pretty much everywhere all the time at @itsnashflynn

Just Some Guy

Just Some Guy is a long-time Twitter joke writer who has written tens of thousands of jokes – 5 of them good! Just Some Guy was the 2015 winner of Chicago Tribune’s Funniest Tweeter of the Year, his first award since his fifth grade bowling trophy. He’s been featured on Ellen, Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, theCHIVE, The Dad, Funny or Die and Myq Kaplan’s Broccoli and Ice Cream podcast, episode 45. He is the head producer of SpitFire Comedy.